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Boosting metabolism with certain foods

Staying slim and trim is about more than exercise.

Experts say there are foods that can help you crank up your metabolism, naturally.

One trainer recommends a small meal an hour and a half before your workout made up of 75-percent carbs, 25-percent protein.

And then within about 30 minutes after your workout -- something with a 3-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein to get your body what it needs to recover and rebuild.

For example:

"Chocolate milk. It's very convenient. A low fat chocolate milk because it gives you the ratios you need, it'll give you all of the nutrients to recover," personal trainer Ray Wetterlund said.

If you're eating foods for a boost of energy - turn to fruit.  Agave nectar is one fruit that can help control your blood sugar - so you have more energy for a longer period of time.

Experts also say green tea is a great metabolism booster.

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