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Pedestrian accident on Blairsferry Road is second in 10 months

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL)--A Cedar Rapids woman was killed early Friday morning after she was struck by a car.

Police were called to Blairsferry road just east of Rockwell Drive, where they found a body lying in the westbound lanes.

Police have spoken to the driver.  It is believed to be an accident.

Friday morning's accident happened within a block of a pedestrian accident that happened more than a year ago.

"I just ran.  You have no thought.  The instant thing is just to get there," said Chastity Bishop of Cedar Rapids, whose son Aaron survived being hit by a car on Blairsferry road.

During the early morning hours of February 7th, 2009, Bishop's son Aaron Jellison was returning home from a night out and had to cross the heavily traveled road.

"I walked where the lights were so cars were able to see me, and just out of nowhere a car hit me," Jellison said.

"I went and sat down beside him and held his hand and the first time he talked, it was complete instant relief," Bishop said.

Aaron sustained a couple of broken bones in his leg

He has since recovered.  The only reminder of this incident is this scar on his shin.

The proximity of his accident to the one that occurred Friday morning sheds light on a potentially dangerous situation for pedestrians.

There are no sidewalks on the narrow part of Bishop's yard that backs up to Blairsferry Road.  The nearest designated crosswalk is more than a mile away in either direction.

Yet several homes back up to Blairsferry Road.  Bishop says she sees many people walking and jogging alongside or on the road every day.

"Kids that are getting off the bus, and they get off the bus down here for school and they have to walk beside our house just to get to their house back behind us," Bishop said.

Police continue to investigate why the woman involved in Friday's accident was in the middle of the road.

Bishop and her son are all too familiar with the risk involved in having to cross this heavily traveled street.

"I'm very cautious now.  I wait for really big distances to cross, and then I run," Jellison said.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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