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Black bear spotted in Jesup


JESUP (KWWL)--- A small black bear is continuing to make its way through northeast Iowa.  Early Thursday morning, several people spotted the bear in the town of Jesup.

"It's unbelievable.  You wouldn't expect a bear in Jesup," said Keyler Wilson.

16-year-old Keyler Wilson and a buddy spotted the bear hanging out in a tree just up the street from his house.

"We went over and looked at the claw marks on that tree he was sitting in and they weren't very good," Wilson said.

The teens were driving around town when they saw the beast, took out their cell phone, and started shooting video.

"Ben looked in his rearview mirror and saw a bear and he yelled. I didn't see it until after. We came up here and it was in this tree right here," Wilson said.

After the bear climbed out of the tree, it started walking across this corn field.  That's when Megan MacConnell spotted it and snapped a photo.

"We decided to leave it alone actually. And then we heard that it had gotten down and ran through our back yard. So I popped out my cell phone real quick and took a picture, and that was it!" MacConnell said.

It was an encounter that no one really expected.  Nonetheless, these witnesses say they weren't scared.  They were just thrilled to get a glimpse of a black bear up close.

The black bear hasn't been violent anywhere it's been spotted so far.  Still, if you see it, authorities ask you to be cautious and avoid any contact with the animal. 

KWWL Reporter: Kera Mashek

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