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Dubuque airport operations explains grant money

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- A new pilot grant program will help the Dubuque Regional Airport become a more sustainable and technological operation. The $525,000 grant will help the airport develop an electronic layout plan.

As Airport Operations Director, Todd Dalsing flips through the massive paper airport layout plan, excitement lingers for an electronic version.

"After this is complete it will actually streamline the process quite well with the airport and the FAA," Dalsing said.

Wednesday the Dubuque Regional Airport announced it will receive an Airport Geographic Information System study grant.

"It'll actually reduce the paper, illuminate the paper, and it'll be web based, if you will.  "The FAA can bring it up if need be just like we would here," Dalsing said.

Thanks to the help of several legislators, they'll receive $525,000 to fund imagery and data collection for an electronic version. But funding is only half the project.  Dalsing says it will take a lot of work to develop.

"There's going to be a lot of surveying going on as well as two different passes of imagery not to mention to combine it all together and download it and get it onto the site," Dalsing said.

He said the average everyday airport customer won't notice anything new, but this technology upgrade will help Dubuque as a whole.

"Because it'll update their imagery and they surveys because we're going it here in about a 5 mile radius. To incorporate in their documentation as well," Dalsing said.

Dubuque was one of several airports applying for this FAA pilot program and one of only two airports in the central region to receive it.

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