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Flooding forces Sturgis Falls carnival to move

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- The rides are in town, the sun is out, but the threat of flooding is forcing the Sturgis Falls carnival to pack up and go.

"Ran into a few people, they told us not to set up, not to bring anything down here to the park yet because it was probably going to flood by Saturday," said Carnival worker Tim Wozniek.

The fun is only moving a few blocks away. They're avoiding the chance of a soggy weekend by moving the carnival to State Street and Second Avenue, one block east of Main Street.

"We've had it moved there before, and the carnival is very happy to move there so they don't have to worry about being flooded," said Sturgis Falls President Jay Stoddard.

Everything else is ready to go as planned. The music and the beer tent will still be held in Tourist Park like usual. But to make sure the ground doesn't get too damp, they've brought in 100 yards of wood chips to help keep the ground dry.

"Tourist Park is much higher than Island Park, so it may get water at the north end, but that end is never ever used," explained Stoddard.

Meanwhile, the carnival crew is ready to move. It might mean a few rides are not up and running by opening night on Thursday, but they'll all be in place by Friday, and more importantly, it'll be dry.

"I know they will do their best and work as hard as they possibly can to get it open on time," said Wozniek.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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