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Condition of two-year old involved in lawnmower accident upgraded

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA (KWWL) -- The two-year old Sumner girl involved in lawnmower accident earlier this month has been upgraded to "good condition" according to the Mayo Clinic.

Nevaeh Howard's mom, Christina Williams, posted this on a Facebook prayer page for her daughter on Sunday, "Nevaeh is getting stronger, we had her up trying to walk but she is still really stiff from laying down for so long. She's been laughing and talking more, and she loves having Hunter here, I think it's really helping her along. We just have to get her to start eating. Thanks for your prayers."

Nevaeh was riding in a wagon, as her Dad pulled her and his other kids with the family lawn mower on June 4th.

Ricky Ray Howard, Junior says, "I hooked up the wagon and gave 'em a ride like my grandpa used to do with us."

But, the family tradition suddenly turned tragic. The mower jerked, tossing the kids out. The, the mower went into reverse and ran over two-year old Nevaeh.

Howard says, "It was just a tragic accident you know and nobody would ever think something like that would happen.

"I got the lawn mower off her. It could have been a lot worse, a lot worse."

But, before Ricky could get the mower off his daughter, the blades had cut her hand so badly, not even the renowned doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester could save her hand.

Nevaeh's Mom, Christina, "It's hard to see her lay there." But, they are grateful she's still with them.

"Thankful that she's still here. That's going to be the hardest part. Explaining what happened; that it was a tragic accident."

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