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Fallen trees damage homes and block roads in Anamosa


ANAMOSA (KWWL) -- The first round of storms that went through our area Friday caused some major damage in Anamosa. Strong winds blew down countless branches and even trees.

"Usually when a storm comes through it loses a few branches. This is a little bit more than usual," said homeowner Mark Baumler.

Baumler came home from work early Friday afternoon to find his yard covered with branches.

"I knew I'd have a few branches to pick up, but I didn't know I'd have to go get the trailer to haul it all away!" he joked.

It's a mess, but after driving through town, he feels like one of the lucky ones. Just a couple blocks north of Main Street, crews had to haul a massive tree from the middle of the road. And right up the hill Sheila Machart is shaken up. She was upstairs, closing up windows, when a century old tree split, and crashed into her home.

"I thought that the wind was twisting the house, like a big bomb went off or something! I look at the clouds and they were twisting!" she recalled.

Machart is safe, and thankful for her insurance and her friends.

"All the neighbors have been here, looking to see what it was and asking what they could do for us. So anytime we need them they'll be here," she said.

And across town, Baumler's four-legged friend is having the time of his life.

"Dog's loving it! He's just picking up every stick he can, running around. If I could only get him to pick up the sticks and put them in the trailer would be the key!" he said.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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