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Sherrill woman arrested for hiring someone to poison ex-husband


DUBUQUE COUNTY (KWWL)--  A Sherrill woman tried to kill her ex husband by poisoning his milk.  45-year-old Elizabeth Behnke is in the Dubuque County Jail after being arrested at her home at 3:20 Friday morning.

According to court documents, Cindy Merkes, Behnke's friend, called police after she was given a jar half full of an unknown white substance.  She turned over the substance to Officer Cross at the DLEC. Following the transfer, Merkes called Behnke's cell phone, the call was recorded by law enforcement.

Late Thursday night an undercover officer met with Behnke at her home.  Behnke admitted that she placed 50 tablets of potassium with in the jar with water.  She stated if Kenneth had enough potassium he would have a heart attack.

Behnke provided a $300 down payment and agreed to pay $2500 for the undercover officer to break in and replace Kenneth's milk with the jar.

Later, during question at the Dubuque County Jail, Behnke admitted to mixing the potassium, planning the death and paying the undercover officer.

The charge is a Class D felony and is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Online Producer: Michelle Caldwell

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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