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RAGBRAI Preps: Bike Accessories


A good bike will get you through the 7 day 442 trip but having the right accessories will make the ride both enjoyable and safe--and that begins with protecting your head!!!

Brent Johnson the owner of Bike Tech in Cedar Falls says,  "Helmets a must have...having the proper helmet is essential." The $200 Dollar helmet is no more safe than the $40 dollar helmet."

Another important piece of gear-- Johnson recommends is Biker Shorts...

 "Padded shorts... Padded shorts are going to out some cushion between you and the seat --they're going to move with you so it adds comfort."

Johnson also advised getting jerseys with back pockets--- shoes, pedals, gloves--- I had to ask  where does it all end?

 "The nice thing is you don't have to buy it all at once--- but for Ragbrai its important to get at least two pairs of biker shorts." Johnson said.

Tomorrow I conclude my RAGBRAI preparation by deciding on whether to ride my old bike-- or to take the plunge and get a new one.

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