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Neighbors react to self-defense shootings

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- It's a tough situation for many people to grasp. Two young men are dead and another man is left wondering if what he did was right. For the neighbors who live along East 4th Street, it's a sad situation but one hopefully they say a lesson can be learned from.

Most of the people who live in the neighborhood around the East 4th Street Liquor Store are hard working and just trying to make a living, but some neighbors say there are those who deal in guns and drugs and they are bringing the neighborhood down.

Diamond Johnson said she knew both robbery suspects. She said she is not surprised by the outcome due to past incidents at the store, including a robbery in December 2009 where a different store clerk was shot in the arm by a different robbery suspect.

"They shot this dude in the arm so after that there is nothing you can do. If somebody came in there with a gun, what you going to do? You're going to protect yourself. It's family out here and you got to raise something. You can't just go around putting guns up to peoples face or head or whatever," Johnson said.

Johnson said the two young men created this situation and the clerk's only options were kill or be killed.

"It's like me, if I get shot and what's everybody going to say, oh she got shot, that's all they can do. My mom's going to cry, that's the only thing she can do, but I put that on myself," Johnson said.

With armed robberies continuing to make headlines, people living in the area just want it to end.

"Stop the violence. Stop doing this. Stop bringing guns. Stop doing it. Go to the store and be happy with life. Waterloo is not all this violence. Just come outside and enjoy life. Go to college and stop being maniacs," Johnson said.

Neighbors also say they hope this will change some would-be robbers minds and keep them from taking what can be the ultimate risk.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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