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Flash flooding creates problems for Iowa City drivers

IOWA CITY (KWWL) -- A brief storm Tuesday afternoon resulted in hours of problems for families in Iowa City. On East Davenport Street, rising water wiped out the foundation of one woman's home. By early afternoon, workers began to clean out the basement and repair the damage. Sergeant Denise Brotherton said It's unfortunate, but in Iowa, it is a common occurrence.

"The streets, the sewers can only keep up with so much, and when you get that heavy rain all at once, which we had today, that's what happens," she said.

Tuesday's heavy rain quickly flooded many downtown roads, leaving emergency workers scrambling to keep up with the closures.

"We can't block off all those streets when it happens. We don't have the manpower. We're out there, the street department, they're doing the best they could. But we can't be at every street," explained Brotherton.

The biggest problem was not how high the water rose, but the fact many drivers didn't try to find a detour.

"We were getting calls of people stalled in the water, or even if they made it through the water, then their car stalled out," Brotherton said.

Which means, when the streets finally dried out, police had to turn their efforts to towing. All of which could be avoided if drivers would just turn around, or wait it out.

"It comes up quick...and dissipates quick. An important thing for people to remember is to be patient in these situations," Brotherton added.

Over on Davenport Street, repairing the foundation will take a little longer, but the workers are cleaning up the mess, and plan to have the owner back in her home before bedtime.

Online Reporter Colleen O'Shaughnessy

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