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New Details: Board discusses Standardized Dress Code

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Monday the Waterloo School Board heard more opposition to its standardized dress code that goes into affect district-wide in 2011.

Monday code 504.2 passed 3 votes to 2. At the meeting more specifics were outlined.

Bottoms are to be navy, black or khaki/tan and solid colored. Acceptable bottoms are knee-length shorts, slacks, skorts, skirts or skirted jumpers. No cargo or carpenter style pants are allowed. In addition the code says a belt may be required if the pants have belt loops.

Tops are to be solid colored with a collar and can be long or short sleeved. The code states that every school can specify what they determine to be acceptable colors for shirts.

The code states "clothing that is too tight or too lose it not appropriate". It continues, "school administrators will determine if clothing is appropriate for school and complies with District rules".

On cold days students may wear a jacket or cardigan. It must be a solid color without any colored trim, pattern or decoration, and must have a collar or be worn with a collard uniform short.

At Monday's meeting, there was also heated discussion about the consequences -- what if students don't follow the dress code. The board laid out nine actions schools can take -- varying from taking away a classroom privilege to suspension. The board designated, however, if a student is recommended for expulsion, that matter must come before the board. 

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