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Lower gases prices means relief for businesses


by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) Mike Hutchison logs miles as a delivery driver for Petersen and Tietz Florist and Greenhouse in Waterloo.

Hutchison and another driver keep the delivery van fueled up each week to make sure customers get their deliveries on time.

"Generally, I or the other driver I think we can probably look at fueling up two times a week," said Mike Hutchison.

Relief at the fuel pumps is a welcome relief for Petersen and Tietz.

Heidi Tietz De Silva said whether gas prices are high or low, her drivers need to be out.

"There are very few things you can get same day delivery. Pizza, Chinese food and flowers and so we want to make sure we're servicing our customers very well," said Tietz De Silva.

To help manage costs, the business gets the most fuel efficient vehicle possible while still meeting the needs of the drivers.

"Just based on my estimation, just around town which is 90 percent, we must get upwards of 20 miles per gallon, that'd be my guess," said driver Mike Hutchison.

Besides outgoing deliveries, the florist and greenhouse feels the impact of fuel prices from incoming deliveries.

"Also, it's not just our delivery vehicles, but it's product shipping in to us as well we pay a fuel surcharge on those items and hopefully that surcharge should begin to decrease," said Heidi Tietz De Silva.

She said it takes about a month for those surcharge prices to adjust.

Petersen and Tietz adjusted prices several years ago but does its best to remain consistent.

"We don't raise, change on a weekly basis, monthly basis type of thing. We try to find an area where we're comfortable that we can provide an excellent service level that we want to be at," said Heidi Tietz De Silva.

Whether it's Petersen and Tietz or anyone who logs lots of miles on the roads, cheaper fuel prices is a nice relief.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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