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Road paint shortage not effecting Eastern Iowa yet

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- Painting Iowa roadways may be difficult this summer. Thursday the Iowa Department of Transportation released information about a nationwide paint shortage. The paint shortage could effect Eastern Iowa road crews.

Brian Sullivan has been working with Waverly Public works for 19 years.

"Sewer, water, streets, solid waster, recycling, line maintenance, equipment services and some airport," Sullivan said.

As Public Services Superintendent, he's in charge of seven different departments. And every year he's also in charge of painting streets in Waverly.

"We use the paint in three ways. Stop markings at stop signs. Cross walks, pedestrian cross walks and yellow on the cribs for no parking," Sullivan said.

But a nationwide shortage of pavement marking paint. Could change what Sullivan does in Waverly.

"Currently it isn't effect us. We bought out paint from the Iowa DOT which is done a year in advance," Sullivan said.

The barrels in his shop are all he has but he says it should last him through the summer.

"I've head up to 6 months delay for getting paint," Sullivan said.

It's all due to a shortage in two chemicals. Titanium dioxide and methyl methacrylate, both pigments used in paint color. Still Sullivan said, for now, the City of Waverly won't notice a difference.

"Hopefully we have enough paint on hand so that we don't have a problem," Sullivan said.

The Iowa DOT says it will take several measures to help maintain paint supply. They say first they'll identify alternative materials for temporary pavement markings, develop plans to prioritizing existing roads, and new roads. And assess its contract bidding requirements.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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