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COPY-The cost of justice

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The state's child labor trial of Sholom Rubashkin is over and now the bills are being tallied up.

On Monday, a Black Hawk County jury found Rubashkin not guilty on 67 counts of violating child labor laws. The verdict came during the second day of deliberations. The trial however lasted over a month and it was a costly one for the state and Allamakee County.

The state called 26 witnesses to the stand, seven of them were flown from Guatemala at the state's expense. The state's budget of $35,000 was approved by the Iowa Governor's Executive Council. State officials say they have only used half of that.

Allamakee County was forced to transport Sholom Rubashkin from Cedar Rapids to Waterloo during the trial after Black Hawk County was unable to meet the religious needs of Rubashkin.

The cost of mileage from Waukon to Cedar Rapids to Waterloo added up. According to the Allamakee County Sheriff the 332 mile round trip plus wages, meals, and a place to stay ended up costing Allamakee county roughly $10,000.

To help offset some of that cost the Black Hawk County Jail housed several inmates for Allamakee County.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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