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City of Dubuque working to fix dark streets


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- In a KWWL follow up, residents on the 25 hundred block of Jackson Street in Dubuque have petitioned to add a street light. They said it was too dark. It turns out the city is already working to add more light to several dark streets in Dubuque.

We contacted several people from the city before Saturday's story aired but we didn't get a call back. However, after that story aired we learned even more about street lights in Dubuque. And it turns out officials have been working for several years to improve conditions.

As the sun sets on Washington Neighborhood in Dubuque, lights are coming on.

"It is one of the recommendations that the safe community task force made was to look at ways to encourage people to add light to their yards and help light up the public right of way," Neighborhood Development Specials Jerelyn O'Connor said.

Recently the city started a pilot program, reimbursing homeowners that add a light to their home in Washington Neighborhood. The city pays half the bill or half of $250.

"When there is additional lighting it makes the neighborhood feel safer. It makes it seem more welcoming, less threatening," O'Connor said.

About ten blocks down, on Jackson Street, neighbors say the street is too dark. We spoke with Dave Blaser last week. He told us more than 75 people signed a petition asking the city to add a light to this street. The city says only 27 people signed it but they did take action.

"Since then I contacted city engineering and they contacted Alliant Energy and asked to them to put in strong light bulbs, in the existing lights, not just on Jackson but on White Street, Washington Street and Elm Street," O'Connor said.

The current street light policy in the city primarily focuses on traffic safety. Generally, the city lights each intersection. If the distance between each intersection exceeds 600 feet then they will look at adding a light in the middle of the block.

"Number one issue is safety and that's always what the city looks at when they're installing lighting," O'Connor said.

O'Connor says the safety task force might recommend that the city council extend that lighting program to the Northend Neighborhood. As for the 25 hundred block of Jackson Street, the city is working to get an additional light installed. They are waiting to get approval from all neighbors.

O'Connor says if you have an issue with light on your street, you can contact the city. They can provide you with information on installing lights on your home. Or looking into getting one installed on your street.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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