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Bob and Carol Helle


Picture this: Just married, about to embark on a modest honeymoon to St. Louis in a big black 1974 Thunderbird. Life is good.

But you wonder, looking back over the 30 years, how did it go so wrong? Naive kids in our early 20s, we took off for the Gateway City, looking forward to our arrival at the first-class luxury hotel, pondering carefree days in the pool and spa. Not so fast.

Upon arrival, they tell us the pool and spa areas are shut down for repair, but we still have a nice room to enjoy. No sale. I told Carol, my new bride, that we could easily find another hotel of honeymoon quality. I was wrong. 

Everything was sold out. Finally we settle on a flea-infested dump in a high-crime area. We slept nary a wink, hearing the calamity that raged outside all night. At one point, we felt like we should barricade the door. But we survived the night, agreeing to switch gears and leave St. Louis after stopping at the world-famous St. Louis Zoo the following day.

We enjoyed our day at the zoo. Upon leaving, however, we were horrified to find the black Thunderbird in a total state of disarray in the parking lot. We'd been robbed. All of our wedding money had been tucked away in the glove compartment. As I said, we were naive. The thief who had broken into the car was gracious enough to leave a $50 bill behind, which we used to return to Iowa. I'm sure the thief just missed it. Along with cash, Carol's purse was gone, along with her jacket and other essentials.

We left the city in tears after an abbreviated honeymoon that was anything but.

We would greatly appreciate your consideration as you review the entries. I am hard-pressed to believe anyone else has such a horror story to offer. We have since returned to St. Louis and have enjoyed our time there. But we will never forget how our honeymoon was destroyed in that city. We would greatly appreciate a second chance, after 30 years, at a first honeymoon.

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