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Black bear sighted in northern Iowa


(KWWL) CHARLES CITY--- The Floyd County Sheriff's office is investigating two reported sightings of a black bear north of Charles City.  The Department of Natural Resources asked the sheriff's department to probe the sightings.

The first sighting happened Monday night north of Floyd on 155th Street near the railroad tracks.  A second sighting was reported Tuesday morning at Shadow Avenue near 155th Street.  The bear is believed to be the same one spotted in the Worth and Mitchell County areas since Memorial Day.

Officials advise citizens to leave the bear alone and avoid any contact.  They also remind citizens that bears are wild animals that could be provoked into aggression if contact is made.  So far, the bear sighted in northern Iowa has not made human contact.  It's only damaged a few bird feeders.

If you sight a bear, contact law enforcement.  Officials will only take a report of the sighting.  No further action will be initiated unless the bear becomes violent toward people.

KWWL Reporter: Kera Mashek

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