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Cedar Rapids home built entirely by students

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL)-- Some Cedar Rapids students had the chance to really get their hands dirty on a school project.

Sunday was an open house for a home that was built entirely by high schoolers.

Brenden Drahn showed his grandma and grandpa around a house he helped build.

"They think its awesome. They think its a really nice house, big and has a lot of space."

Brenden and 30 students from five different Cedar Rapids high schools worked all year on this house.

From the electrical to the plumbing, they did it all.

"At the beginning I don't think they really believe they are going to build a house and then at the end they kind of walk around and its like wow we really did this."

Dave Smith over sees the project. He says he enjoys seeing the students who go through the project use what they learned.

"Some of the tradesman that come onto the job have been former students. In fact, the house being build right next door was a students that was in my class ten years ago and now he is building his own house."

After going through this experience even Brenden says he may use what he learned in the future.

"Right now I want to do stuff with engineering but I have been thinking about maybe during college in the summer I could work in a construction company make some money doing that since I know how to do a lot of it."

Sunday's open house was one of the first times the public could see the home.

Dave Smith says he usually gets mixed reactions from people when they find out it was built by students.

"I get one of two reactions either this is amazing students did it or they are looking for all the errors of mistakes, well students did this so there must be something wrong."

This is the 38th year for the Cedar Rapids student-built house.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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