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Roxanne Conlin runs for U.S. Senate

WATERLOO (KWWL)— Roxanne Conlin is running for the Democratic bid for U.S. Senate and her campaign is in full swing.

The primaries are on June 8th.

Conlin was a Democratic candidate for governor in 1982 and has since worked as a trial lawyer.

She'll have a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids Sunday at IBEW Hall at 1:30 p.m.

Saturday she made stops in Decorah, Dubuque and Waterloo on Saturday to discuss her platform.

Then she updated us by answering the following questions.

Q: What's your main purpose?

A: My purpose is to get my supporters out to vote and get them to get all their friends to and all of their neighbors and all the people on their contact list also out to vote on Tuesday June 8th.

Q: What was the main priority for the people here in Waterloo?

A: I think the main priority for the people all over Iowa is jobs, jobs, jobs. We've got to get people back to work we can't stop any other problem until everybody who needs a job has a job--a good job with a fair wage and a safe environment.  That will be my goal.

Q: Why are you a better choice than Senator Grassley?

A: I am concerned about the well being of the people of Iowa exclusively.  I don't take money from PACs. I don't take money from Federal lobbyists. I only want to be beholden when I get to Washington D.C.—if I am lucky enough to do that—I only want to be beholden to the interest of the people of the state of Iowa.

Q: You've been out of politics for a little while, why get back in?

A: 28 years… Out of politics? You know I wasn't really out of politics.  I was not running as a candidate, but I always maintained my interest in politics. I've always work for other candidates.  I've always been deeply involved in public policy issues—so the only change that happened is that I am once again throwing my hat into the ring to be a candidate for public office.

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