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Rubashkin trial goes to the jury


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The fate of Sholom Rubashkin is now in the hands of a jury made up of three men and four women. The Defense wrapped up it's case this morning and the Prosecution spent most of the afternoon giving its rebuttal.

Defense Attorneys Monty Brown and Mark Weinhardt took turns going over a months worth of information. They say Rubashkin trusted others to make sure there were no minors working in the meat packing plant including human resources.

"He didn't see anybody that he thought was under the age of 18. He believed HR... He trusted HR was doing their job," said Brown.

Weinhardt says there isn't any direct evidence connecting Rubashkin with the minors working in the plant and he should not be the one convicted of this crime.

"By the end of today I think you will know what the answer to that question is," said Weinhardt.

During the Prosecutions rebuttal Deputy Attorney General Tom Miller said that ignorance is not a defense in certain circumstances.

"The ignorance of facts must be in good faith... A reasonable belief by the defendant acting as a reasonable person under certain circumstances," said Miller.

Rubashkin also faces a 25-year sentence on a federal fraud conviction.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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