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Students protest against proposed liquor store

WATERLOO (KWWL)-- A new liquor store will not be built on Washington Street in Waterloo.  Humaira Jabeen pulled his request from the planning and zoning board's agenda on Tuesday just a couple hours before the meeting.

The liquor store would have been located at 702 Washington Street just a few blocks away from the school.

The proposed store upset some sixth graders at Sacred Heart Catholic School and some of them took their opinions to the streets protesting.

After hearing a new liquor store could be opening close to their school, they knew they had to do something.

"I went to the kids and said well what can we do? What do you want to do because they have to come up with the ideas. We can't give it to them.  So they came up with the idea going to the meeting, talking about it and saying why they did not want it." said sixth grade teacher, Becky Keeling.

The proposed location has students worried about the unwanted traffic from the store near the school. 

"It's so bad to have this so close to the school because there will be a lot of foot traffic and they maybe carrying alcohol if we are out for recess." said sixth grade student Noel Mills.

The students have been learning about the effects of alcohol on their body for a few weeks as part of a service learning project.

Keeling says they are very motivated to keep alcohol awareness in their studies no matter the outcome of the meeting.

"They have already voiced opinions of what they want to do next year to continue this underage drinking. They are going to be watching for these liquor stores. Maybe not right in our neighborhood, but I'm sure they will be out there voicing about others too."

When KWWL called Mr. Jabeen he said his main reason for pulling his request for the liquor store was because he didn't want to cause all this controversy.

You could say the student's voices were heard.

Last November the city council asked the zoning board to take a stricter look at alcohol related business applications.

They did this because of an influx of liquor stores in waterloo.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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