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YGC: Clarksville students clean-up park

by Danielle Wagner

CLARKSVILLE (KWWL) From raking to cleaning lodges, ninth graders at Clarksville School spent an afternoon getting Heery Woods Park ready for the spring and summer season.

"I picked up sticks, cleaned equipment, raked the rocks under the swings and leveled everything," said student Alex Niehaus.

Ninth graders at Clarksville participate in a character education and leadership class. Each week the students study a different character trait

"We have this leadership class in school and we were going over duty and citizenship and we just wanted to find a way to help out the community," said student Shane Harken.

Teachers challenged the students to come up with a community service project, which brought them to the park for a full afternoon of work.

Naturalist Steve Martin said Butler County has 24 parks with only four full-time staffers, so help from 30 students makes a big difference.

"One of the big challenges is trying to get our parks cleaned up for the spring from all the things that happened during winter from sticks on the ground to leaves and rocks that pile up in various places so it takes up time to get rid of those," said Martin.

The students and teachers hope people take advantage of the parks in Butler County, but also do their part to keep them looking nice.

"We've been trying to teach our students to be good role models, and I hope this influences others in the community to help out as well. I know the students felt good about what they did and looking forward to something similar in the years to come," said Tonya Poppe with student services.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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