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Gulf oil spill impacts local BP station owner

WATERLOO (KWWL) - "I know for a fact that yes, we've lost some customers, because they're upset at what's happened under the watch of BP and the American government," said Jim Lind, owner of Jim Lind BP Service.

Though hundreds of miles away, Lind says the gushing well in the Gulf of Mexico is impacting his business here in Eastern Iowa.

"I've talked to numerous customers about this tragedy, some that said, 'I'm not buying today because of it,' and others have said, 'iIm still supportive, but please get it fixed.'"

We asked many of Lind's customers if the disaster has shaken their loyalty to this particular gas station. We got mixed responses, but most of them seem to understand that Lind is a local business owner, no matter what petroleum company symbol is posted on his building.

"I don't believe Jim is to blame for it, you know," said one man.

"It makes me sick," said Joan Schreiner, "and I'm really upset about it, but I'm not going to take my business away from Jim."

Jim Connell has been coming here to fill up for thirty years. Besides wanting to support Lind's business, he hopes BP can maintain customers nationwide, if for only one reason. 

"I think if we don't support BP, they won't be able to afford to fix the mess," Connell explained.

Lind referred to the old saying, "think globally, act locally," and he's been doing just that, speaking with BP company representatives about the catastrophe. He's just wondering when it will all end.

"As this drags on, it's certainly going to hurt BP, it's going to hurt their affiliates, and it's going to hurt people like me, because we can only take so much of this."

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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