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Ron's Tough Job: Porta-Potty Cleaner


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- My assignment for our ‘Iowa's Toughest Jobs' series is one I won't likely forget. I met Duane Garrison of Black Hawk Waste Disposal at Lincoln Park in downtown Waterloo to help Duane set up for the first Fridayloo of the season.

Duane has been employed by Black Hawk Waste Disposal for about five years, and he's the man who sets up and removes all of the porta-potties Black Hawk rents out for Cedar Valley events. Duane says it usually takes him about two hours to get the porta-potties unloaded and ready for an event. Then, he has to come back and clean them up and load them all up for transport back to Black Hawk after the event is over.

I asked Duane, "Do you think you have a crappy job.?" He replies, "People say that I do." Then he laughs. "I like my job." he says. There's nothing hard about it. You just take your time and do it."

The first thing we have to do is get the dozen stalls off the trailer and in a line at the north end of the park. That puts the porta-potties as far away from the band as possible.

 To me, these porta-potties are very heavy. Duane picks them up like he would a small toy, saying, "They're not heavy. They're just awkward to move around."

After all of the potties are unloaded and lined up, they all need to be cleaned up and readied for the crowd, which will start arriving in just a couple. That means cleaning any ‘leftover's in the holding tanks, spraying down each stall and wiping off the seats. Check out of the video.

 Online Reporter:  Ron Steele




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