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Iowa City employees take part in national bike to work week


IOWA CITY (KWWL)-- Matt Georges of Iowa City couldn't drive his car into work Friday even if he wanted to.

"My battery just died because it's been sitting for weeks and hasn't been used," Georges said.

That's because wherever he needs to go, Georges chooses to get there by bicycle

"It's good for fitness, and it's also a lot more fun than walking around everywhere. I find it's actually faster to get here than with a car," Georges said.

Like Georges, many across the country are trading in their cars for bikes, at least for a day.  It's part of national bike to work week.

"The main goal is to help highlight that riding your bike isn't only a great way to recreate but also a great way to get yourself to and from work and to other errands that you have," said Kris Ackerson, assistant transportation planner with the Johnson County Council of Governments.

Numbers suggest this national push may be paying off.  Many communities like Iowa City, have made it a priority to provide a better cycling environment.

"It's also because of what the communities have done, invested a lot of money in infrastructure, trails, bike racks, on street facilities like bike lanes, and those things all help make it more comfortable and safer for people to ride their bikes," Ackerson said.

The result, more are choosing to ride. One Iowa City bike shop is seeing an increase in store traffic, during what is typically its busy season.

"Bike to work week definitely correlates with that upswing. It's bringing in the die-hard and the more casual commuter," Mike Clark, store manager for World of Bikes, said.

It's encouraging news for bikers like Georges, who hope people will think twice before jumping in their car.

"It shows people that it's really not as hard as they think it might be to actually get out to work instead of driving," Georges said.

Online Reporter:  Jason Epner

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