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The Grand Hotel will no longer allow monthly rentals


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Some Waterloo residents are concerned they won't have a place to stay soon. Rumors have been circulating that The Grand Hotel, an extended stay hotel near downtown Waterloo, will be closing and the guests will have to be out by June 1st.

The general manager of the hotel says no one is being forced out, they hotel is changing its policy and no longer allowing monthly rentals. He also says there is a potential buyer for the property but nothing has been finalized.

Tim Wilcox moved in several months ago and had planned on living there for the next three or four years, but those plans have now changed. He says the manager told him what would be happening this past weekend.

"Every one of them has to be out by June 1st," said Wilcox.

Wilcox also says the price is what keeps people at the hotel. Those who live there are on a fixed income.

"What I was paying was $540 a month because the other place I found would be 10 dollars more which we don't have a problem with and we're hoping that won't intervene with this because if it does there will be some legal repercussions to take place, but I'm mainly concerned about the people who don't have a place to live," said Wilcox.

"There are people on welfare here, There are people who are handicapped. They have no place to go and who the hell's going to help them out. Who's going to help them find a place to live.".

Mayor Buck Clark says the City of Waterloo has been in contact with the potential buyer of The Grand Hotel, but could not give any details regarding the situation. He says they are looking into the allegations brought forward by the people living there.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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