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Police say beat-up student agreed to fight


CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- Cedar Rapids Police say a student that claimed he was assaulted in a bathroom at Prairie Point Middle School, actually agreed to meet in the bathroom and fight.

Tonja Sexton, says she received a call from the school on April 28th saying that her son, Peyten, was hurt.

According to Tonja, another student followed Peyten into the bathroom on Wednesday and beat up her son in front of 15 other kids.

Peyten told his mom that he was running late for class on Tuesday through a crowded hallway and the other boy thought Peyten had pushed him.

She says Peyten doesn't remember anything after the second punch because he had fallen to the floor unconscious.

Tonja says the other kids left her son laying on the bathroom floor and another student found him later on.

Peyten was hospitalized and underwent surgery to have metal plates put in his jaw and have his jaw wired shut.

Peyten was suspended from school for three days the following week for his role in the fight.

Cedar Rapids Police investigated the incident and have now charged Peyten and the other boy involved in the fight with Disorderly Conduct.

Police determined that Peyten was not jumped in the bathroom, instead, Peyten and the other boy agreed to fight in the boy's bathroom.

They say that during the fight, Peyten was punched in the face and fell and hit his head.

After the fight, police say the two boys walked out of the bathroom on their own.

They say Peyten then went to staff and told them he had fallen in the bathroom.

Both boys were allowed to sign promises to appear and return home.

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