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VP Joe Biden joins Gov. Chet Culver in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Vice President Joe Biden was in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday, campaigning for Governor Chet Culver's re-election.

Flood recovery, job creation, and expansion of pre-school programs would be among his main goals. Vice President Biden told the crowd gathered in Greene Square Park that Chet Culver is the man for those jobs.

After a brief introduction from Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge, Governor Culver took the podium to announce his candidacy this fall.

"We're moving forward on November 2nd, and we will win this race with your help!" Culver exclaimed.

He promised to see through his I-Jobs initiative to the end, and to focus on infrastructure to create new jobs in Iowa. He related that to ongoing strides in flood recovery.

"We are going to see that recovery efforts in places like Cedar Rapids are done right, and as quickly as possible."

Culver also touched on providing more funding for stem cell and medical research, and investing in Iowa's growing green energy industry.

"We are going to expand our commitment to energy independence by increasing our percentage of energy coming from renewable sources, from 20 percent today, to 30 percent in the next five years."

Vice President Biden reinforced much of what the governor said, and says he and President Barack Obama are in full support of his efforts.

"He brought every component of wind energy production to Iowa," said Biden. "So when you build windmills, Iowans make those windmills! When you build windmills, Iowans manufacture the parts!"

After leaving Cedar Rapids, Governor Culver continued down the campaign trail to Iowa City. He'll be in Dubuque on Wednesday morning.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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