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Iowa'sToughest Jobs: Teacher


by Danielle Wagner

DENVER (KWWL) Walking into the kindergarten classroom, I came with a secret weapon. I brought alone one of my favorite books as a child, The Poky Little Puppy. Reading is something I knew I could handle, especially when it's about a dog.

I'm just going to be honest. Teaching scares me. Not because of the kids but because it's such an important job.

"I think it is a big responsibility, and I take it seriously. I do my absolute best everyday. I think everybody here at Denver does. We do everything we can to give the kids the best start," said teacher Deb Fowler.

I visited Deb Fowler's class at Denver Elementary. Mrs. Fowler has taught for nearly 34 years. She's actually retiring at the end of this school year.

"I have always loved kids, and I guess I never wanted to be anything else," she said.

Mrs. Fowler put me in charge for awhile. After reading the book, we decided to do a science experiment.

The class is studying water so we tested several items to see if they absorbed water. I quickly learned you have to keep it moving to keep kindergartners on task. I also learned kindergartners tend to create messes, but Mrs. Fowler said that's how you know they learned something.

My favorite part was the students wanting to show me what they'd done. I saw a love of learning, which is what Mrs. Fowler said appealed to her about teaching kindergarten.

"If I can instill that love of learning, giving them a start for their school career, that's my goal," she said.

After just one hour, I was exhausted. Rounding up 18 kindergartners isn't easy and Mrs. Fowler does it all day, five days a week.

"I'm tired. I'm tired at the end of the day, but I wouldn't have done anything else. I love it," said Mrs. Fowler.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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