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Kittrell parents concerned after boys went missing

WATERLOO (KWWL)-- Tammy and Mark Atkins never thought they would have to worry about their first or third grader leaving school.

"You know when you send your children they spend most of their day there and you expect them to be safe and that environment you should trust they are going to stay in one place." said Atkins.

But hearing the news that two kindergarten boys walked out of school and no one knew where they were concerns them.

"So many things could have happened, as a parent in 45 minutes they could have been kidnapped, they could have been hit by a car, and no body would have know what was going on or where they were. That is frightening and very disturbing."

The two boys were supposed to be in art at Kittrell Elementary when the substitute teacher realized they had left.

Police tracked them down 45 minutes later around West Sixth Street and Washington.

"They did leave by a door that was not monitored." said Waterloo Schools Spokeswomen Sharon Miller.

School leaders are still trying to figure out how the boys left school without anyone knowing.

"There might be a way to improve the safety by putting some kind of alerts or monitors on those doors that would signal when they are opened." said Miller.

Several school officials are in the process of looking at security in Waterloo schools.

Miller says this could speed up the process.

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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