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If they sell it, will they come? Field of Dreams for sale

DYERSVILLE (KWWL) -- "Buy it and keep the Field of Dreams alive" that's what the Dyersville Chamber is saying about the sale of the property.

The Field of Dreams near Dyersville, made famous in Universal's 1989 movie is up for sale tonight. The sale includes the baseball diamond, a two bedroom house, six outbuildings and 193-acres.

Chances are if you've lived in Iowa, at some point in your life you've probably stepped foot on home plate, maybe even walked the bases at the Field of Dreams but the future is unknown.

Josh Rodriquez is walking the bases at the Field of Dreams for the first time.

"I wanted to at least come by because heard about it and saw it in the film. I've seen many of the films that were filmed in Iowa and I wanted to see this because it's like the first one," said Rodriquez.

Rodriquez is just one of the millions of people who've stopped in Dyersville to see the famous movie site. And one of millions who now wonder what's next for this place. Thursday current owners Don and Becky Lansing put it on the market, for $5.4 million.

"I hope somebody does buy it and keeps it the way it is because we've gotta keep Iowa history," said Rodriquez.

After 20 years the Lansing's are giving it up. They say it's a lot of work to keep the place running and they're ready to hand it over. The Lansing's weren't available for an interview but a spokes person told us this.

"There is a lot of charm there in the Midwest and obviously it's a very big responsibly to keep something like that going," said Marlin.

Responsibility that the City of Dyersville hopes will be passed along to someone else.

"We wanna keep the field of dreams open. It's just the surreal wonderful relaxing place that you can just go to and it has different meaning to different people," said Karla Thompson, Executive Director of the Dyersville Chamber of Commerce.

People like Rodriquez, who cherish moments like this.

"This is where it all started when it came to major motion films here in Iowa," said Rodriquez.

And at the risk of sounding clique. Now everyone's asking "if they sell it, will they come?"

The Lansing's say there are no stipulations on the sale. Meaning whoever purchases the land is not obligated to continue to operate the Field of Dreams.

By the way the Lansing won't say the price. ESPN is reporting $5.4 million.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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