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Does It Really Work - Bottle Top


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- One of the joys of drinking a cold can of pop is the carbonation. But, once you open the can, the fizz quickly fizzles. The Bottle Top claims to solve this problem by keeping the carbonation longer, but does it really work?

Advertisements for the product says it snaps onto most beverage cans, keeps the carbonation longer and prevents spills.

In testing the product on several different brands of aluminum can, the product snapped on tight enough it took two hands to remove it.

When turning the cans upside down or on their sides, the Bottle Top did not prevent spills. Soda leaked out of the top.

The biggest claim of the Bottle Top is keeping the carbonation in the beverage longer, but it doesn't say how much longer.

We placed three cans of soda in a refrigerator for different amounts of time varying from a few hours to several days. We used a Bottle Top on two of the cans.

Todd Zars from Pepsi Americas, Inc. in Waterloo agreed to taste test the soda to see if the Bottle Top can deliver.

Zars said the test can without a Bottle Top was definitely flat.

The second can had a Bottle Top and was left in the fridge overnight. When comparing it to the test can, Zars said it was about the same or maybe even a little more flat.

The third can had a Bottle Top and was left in the fridge for two days.

When pouring it into a glass, there were still visible carbonation bubbles.

"It's a lot more what it should taste like. A lot fresher. You can taste the carbonation in your tongue and your mouth that you normally would taste," Zars said after tasting the third can.

So, the top did work on one can, but not the other.

Zars says the effectiveness of the Bottle Top could also depend on the brand of pop because some have less carbonation to begin with.

"Just for example, a Mountain Dew brand versus a Pepsi brand, the Mountain Dew is not near as carbonated. It's a little easier to drink. It's what's unique about it and why it appeals to younger crowds," Zars said.

Some consumers said they use the Bottle Top when they are camping to identify the owners of different cans and to keep bees out of the can.

The Bottle Top gets a C+ for being an average product. Consumers get 12 Bottle Tops for $10, which is a good deal. But it doesn't prevent spills and doesn't always keep the fizz.

Online Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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