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Cat helps save neighbor

by Danielle Wagner

TRIPOLI (KWWL) Tinker the cat spends a lot of time sleeping, sometimes she plays and her owner, Angie Boeckman, said she likes to lick people's hair.

But back on February 14, Tinker became a hero. It was a typical morning, around 5 when Angie Boeckman woke up to feed Tinker.

Then Boeckman tried to go back to sleep. At 6, she got out of bed and went to the kitchen. She said Tinker was acting different.

"She ran out of the bathroom and she ran to me and looked at me and then she ran back to the bathroom and back again. I thought, well, there's got to be something wrong in there and she meowed the last time," said Boeckman.

Tinker was on the sink, trying to get in the medicine cabinet. Boeckman thought Tinker wanted a drink and ran the faucet to fill up her dish.

"As soon as I stopped the faucet I heard her calling," said Boeckman.

The person calling was Gertrude Buhrow. She fell while turning to walk into her bathroom.

"I thought well maybe I can get up after a bit and there 's a built-in heater. But after I laid there for awhile the time just felt like it was forever," said Buhrow.

Buhrow's hip was broken. She tried shouting for help.

"But I knew that they probably couldn't hear me. Well, I expected that and then I picked up my cane and then I knocked on the wall," said Buhrow.

It's likely Tinker heard the tapping of the cane, and she got her owner's attention.

Angie Boeckman got another neighbor to call Buhrow's son, and they stayed talking to her through the wall until the ambulance arrived.

Gertrude had hip surgery that afternoon and spent several weeks in a nursing home recovering.

She and her husband moved to the apartment in late November. They'd previously lived on a farm for 66 years. Sadly, Gertrude buried her husband on February 13 and then the next day is when she fell.

She said she's glad they moved to the apartment and had people nearby to help.

Now, Gertrude Buhrow wears a lifeline around her neck.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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