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Eastern Iowa Cold Case: Lisa Peak

WAVERLY (KWWL)-- It's a cold case that's haunted Eastern Iowa law enforcement for more than three decades.

In 1976, 20-year old Marie "Lisa" Peak had just returned to the Wartburg College campus for her sophomore year.

On September 6, she told her friends she was going shopping, but never returned to her dorm room. The next day, police found her body north of Waverly, in a ditch where she had been sexually assaulted and had a broken neck.

To this day they never found a suspect.

On Friday, authorities dug up her body with the hope that advances in technology will bring them closer to solving the case.

The Peak's have lived with not knowing who their daughters killer was for almost 34 years. They hope investigators can finally answer some of their questions.

"Hope they find evidence on the body to identify, match up the person who committed this crime." Said Mary Peak, Lisa's mother.

Bremer County Attorney, Kasey Wadding, says DNA can last for a long time. They hope to compare it to the evidence that was found at the time of the murder.

"While they have not dead-ended yet, we think that maybe it's the right time to see if there's any further evidence that can be collected from Ms. Peak's body." Said Kasey Wadding, Bremer County Attorney.

The Peaks are hopeful it will shed new light on the identity of their daughter's killer.

"I do not expect success, but I am hopeful maybe there's a five percent chance well you take it." said Peak.

This has been a long, painful journey for the peak family but they're thankful for all the support.

"Very encouraging to know they never gave up keeping telling us it's still alive case didn't close."

Online Reporter: Nikki Newbrough

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