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Dubuque Blues baseball teams plays for love of game


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Baseball season in full swing but for one group in Eastern Iowa, playing semi-pro means playing for the love of the game.

"A bunch of old guys old guys with real jobs playing baseball," said coach Jeff Hoerner.

Welcome to opening night at Petrakis Park in Dubuque.

"Local guys giving up our time to come out and play. It's a great product. We're a very good team. Farley's a very good team. We have a lot of good teams around the area," said Hoerner.

The Dubuque Blues baseball team hosting Farley, in their first Eastern Iowa Hawkeye League game of the season.

"Butterflies are going just anxious to get started," said Hoerner.

This semi-pro league isn't your average pick-up game. While these guys play for free and have other full time jobs, its competitive and entertaining.

"There a lot of rivalries out there. There's some pretty good towns out there and its competitive so every year you look forward to playing them," said player Matt Asche.

But don't think too fast, they aren't professionals. The team was started by a group of guys who wanted a place to play after high school and college.

"There's an injury factor here that you could get hurt but guys just love the game so much that they're willing to give up their time," said Hoerner.

More than four months of their time, 16 league games and eight tournaments. All the players, age 16 to 37, have legit experience.

"Pretty much everyone that plays, for sure played in high school, a lot of them played in college, some even in the minor leagues for awhile. It's a very high level of baseball," said Hoerner.

But what makes this league worth watching? The passion and experience each play brings to that plate.

"A lot of experienced guys in the league. They might not be in as good of shape but they know the game and they know how to play it," said Asche.

And they'll keep playing it. Afterall, they are the boys of summer.

"It's like a major league game except the talents a little bit dummied down," said Hoerner.

The Dubuque Blues they say thanks to a good fans base and money from sponsors they don't have to pay for equipment or jerseys. They don't practice during the season, just 30 minutes warm ups before games. By the way the lost to Farley 7-3 in the home opener.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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