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Springville graduate missing in Nashville

SPRINGVILLE (KWWL) -- As the flood waters recede in Nashville rescuers are worried they will find the flood has taken more than the already confirmed nine lives. City officials say two people are still missing in the flood waters, one Daniel Brown from Springville.

For those effected by the floods of 2008, seeing the images from the floods in Nashville is all too familiar. But for the friends of Danny Brown, it's too close to home.

As Jordan Scriver and his friends look through Facebook pictures of Danny Brown, they can only hope for the best.

"Danny's big dream was to go play music somewhere he always wanted to make it big," said Scriver.

After graduating last spring Danny Brown moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams.

"Danny was the person to ask for when it came to music. Anything to do with guitar he was the person," said Nathan McSpadden.

Brown has been missing since Sunday, after tubing in Nashville.

"There rafts were tied together and they got separated. One of them was able to swim to shore and the other two are still missing," said Scriver.

His friends are worried.

"Is just a hopeless feeling being so far away and having it hit so close," said Scriver.

It was just two years ago that many of browns friends were hit by the floods here. They'd never imagine he'd go missing in another flood.

"Probably one of the worse feelings in the world. And I know anything in the world, if I could do anything I would. If I could go down there I would," said McSpadden.

As the shock of it all sinks in that their friend is missing. They can do is hope hat he will be found.

"I just hope that they find him soon," said Scriver.

"Knowing him he's probably in a tree somewhere, hoping and praying someone finds him," said McSpadden.

Brown's parents are in Nashville looking for their son.

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