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Cedar Rapids eighth grader beaten in school

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) -- Bullying is an increasing problem in American schools. And Thursday night it hits close to home. An Eastern Iowa student said he was punched four times in the bathroom and that's all he remembers until he woke up in the nurse's office. He's at home but still recovering.

It's another case of bullying, this time at Prairie Point Middle School in the College Community School District. But for the 8th grader involved, Peyton Sexton, he says it's a reminder that bullying is an issue and it's happening in school.

Just a day after he was beaten up inside a school bathroom. Peyton Sexton sits on the couch. Playing video games with his sister.

"Someone said I pushed them and they pushed back. I just walked away because it wasn't worth getting suspended over," said Peyton.

After an incident in the hallway on Tuesday. Peyton was cornered at Prairie Point Middle School in Cedar Rapids.

"I went to the bathroom and I walked in and a bunch of kids followed me," said Peyton.

Punched four times before he was knocked out, while at least ten others watched.

"In between classes they are obviously loud.  There needs to be sometimes of supervision. More then they have," say Peyton's mom, Tonya Sexton.

The Sexton's understand bullying is a problem in some schools. They recently moved from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids in hopes to get away.

"I moved here to change, I didn't move here for things like this to happen," said Peyton.

"Prairie is supposed to be one of the best schools in the area. I didn't expect this at all," said Peyton's sister.

Emergency surgery Wednesday night left Peyton with his jaw wired shut. Sticking to liquids for four weeks.

"He does have severe injuries but it could have been worse and has been for other kids," said Peyton.

And while he's home recovering, luckily it wasn't worse. His mom is upset it happened at school.

"These kids can do this and not really realize the damage that can be done," said Tonya.

But Peyton says he's learned a lot from the incident. And hopes everyone learns something, too.

"When I was in Waterloo I always bullied other kids, so I never thought this is what it'd be like. So I've always wanted to apologize to the people I've bullied cause I never thought it'd end up that," said Peyton.

Officials at College Community say they're still investigation the incident. Sexton says she has filed charges.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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