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Eastern Iowa family hopes to visit son despite flight delays

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Flights are slowly returning after a volcanic ash cloud grounded planes throughout Europe for five days. But the delays mean airports are filled with stranded travelers, anxious to get home.

Mary Williams' son is a senior airman serving at Lake and Heath Air Force Base in England. Williams and her husband had been planning a trip to see their son for months.

"He was home for a month so that was nice but it had been a year and half prior to that since we seen him," Williams said.

Once the volcano began erupting in Iceland and causing delays, Williams stayed glued to the news looking for updates.

"We were watching TV's, we both have smart phones. We were constantly online looking to see what was going on, checking out the latest news stories to see...It's just so unpredictable unlike a snow storm. Usually they can predict how long it's going to last, roughly how long things are going to be shut down," Williams said.

Gregg Humble, the president of Humble of Travel in Cedar Falls said a number of customers visiting Europe have run into problems.

"Our travel advisors are doing the best we can to accommodate people that had plans to go over there...Some customers we've had to adjust their schedules who will be returning a few days later than anticipated," Humble said.

For the Williams family, connecting to the one they love is better late than never.

"Hopefully we'll be leaving the 29th, so keeping our fingers crossed 'cause now I hear there's possibly a second volcano looking to wreak some havoc over there so we'll see," Williams said.

The volcano's activity has fallen in recent hours, but forecasters are warning that more delays are possible if the dense ash cloud blows back towards the continent.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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