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Filling the gap when teachers are pink-slipped


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- So far, 82 teachers, nurses and counselors in the Dubuque Community School district have been pink-slipped as the district struggles to cut millions of dollars from the budget.

One elementary physical education teacher, Dan Ruba, asked for a school board review after his hours were cut to part-time.  On Monday night, the board voted Ruba's full-time position would still be "terminated", with his hours cut to part-time in the district.

Board members and school officials spoke of Ruba's great work in the schools and said the decision was purely for budgetary reasons.  Board members also expressed hope that Ruba and other teachers will be recalled in the fall.

Tonight on KWWL, see what the school's administrators say will be done to keep a high quality of education as positions are cut and reduced in specialty areas, like P.E., art and music.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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