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Airline fees on the rise, charging for overhead space and bathrooms

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- It's something most of us are used to by now. If you're going to fly, you're going to pay to check your bags. But Tuesday one airline announced it will now charge passengers $45 to use the overhead space for a carry on. It's a trend that's growing and it's keep travel agents busy.

Angie Harter has just finished up a busy few weeks of travel plans. She says many people have been planning both domestic and international trips.

But after customers pay for their trip, she has to remind them that before they take the skies, they'll probably be paying more.

"With the travelers booking, some of them are surprised, some of them who only travel a few times, they're surprised of those added fees airlines are charging," said Harter.

Fees to check your bags, use a pillow or blanket or purchase food and drinks. On Tuesday Spirit Airlines, based in Florida, announced they'll be charging travelers a $45 dollar fee to store luggage in overhead compartments.

"Passengers traveling are just going to be very disappointed in that. They're already feel like they're being nickeled and dimed with all the extra fees," said Harter.

Spirit Airline, known for cheap and affordable flights, says packing the fee on travelers will speed up the check-in process and cause less delays.

"On the other side they're almost giving you those flights for nothing, so they're making up for those with extra charges," said Harter.

Wednesday Ryan Air, an Ireland based, European company, announced plans to charge a fee to use the bathroom in short flights. But don't unfasten your seatbelt just yet. Harter says some airlines are using these fees to boost business.

"Southwest airlines does not charge for any of their luggage, advertising "bags fly for free" so maybe that will keep some of the airlines aware of the situation," said Harter.

Keeping airlines in check. And hoping passengers won't have to budget their baggage too.

Harter says you can avoid a seat assignment fee by booking your flight through a travel agent. She also says summer flights to Europe are expected to rise this summer, that's thanks to less available seats.

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