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Teaming up to collect parking fines


INDEPENDENCE (KWWL) -- Tough economic times are forcing some eastern Iowa communities to get creative when it comes to raising funds.

Buchanan County is working with the City of Independence. Together they are trying to strike up a deal that would force people who have outstanding parking tickets to pay their fines before being able to register their vehicle.

"Some of the initial discussion was that what would be collected would be the fine itself and then the penalty would be split between the city and the county that way we are recouping some of that expense for getting our fine back and with their assistance they get some of the penalty fee," said City Manager Steven Diers.

Diers who is only in his second week on the jobs says this plan is more than just raising funds, it's also about being responsible.

"I think it's more of an image issue in that if you get a parking fine you are expected to pay for it and everybody should need to do so."

Not everyone agrees with the proposed plan. Mellissa Kania says it's unfair to target the vehicles owner.

"I think because I let my friends borrow my vehicle sometimes and if they park some where they shouldn't, and then I'm responsible for paying that parking ticket. I think the county and the state can find other ways than registration, said Kania.

Right now the City of Independence is looking into the numbers and finding how much money this proposed plan would bring in.

"It's something we're still looking into and if it's worthwhile well move forward that.

Nothing has been finalized. The Independence City Council would have to approve any measure.

Right now the cost of a parking ticket in Independence is $10.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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