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New exercise craze -- the hula hoop


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- There's an old saying what comes around goes around. that goes double for the hula hoop. It's been around for decades but has now become the latest fitness craze.

Nine years ago, Christabel Zamor stepped into what was then an underground hooping resurgence.

Since then her company Hoop Girl has trained thousands to spin, whirl and hoop dance.

Anyone who thinks that hooping is a child's pastime hasn't taken one of Zamor's classes. It's an intense workout that isn't for the faint. Zamor says hoopers in her class can burn 600 calories an hour.

Over the past few years, hooping has exploded across the U.S. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has stepped into the ring.

While the hoop is enjoying a second life, don't consider it a passing fad. This time around, it's putting a whole new spin on exercise.

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