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Pinewood Derby: Racing wooden cars


REINBECK (KWWL) --An Eastern Iowa Boy Scout troop held the Pinewood Derby Saturday to encourage more involvement with the Boy Scouts.

Cub Scout Master Dan Gleissner says that their troop is just getting started, but "the big thing for us is the nine kids that we have right now… we're trying to have as much fun with these kids as we can and whoever joins us—it'd be wonderful to have you and let's have some more fun."

The Cub Scouts made their own race cars with a block of pinewood, nails, and wheels.

The lesson included carpentry and a bit of physics.

"Getting them up to five ounces is very important and you want to watch where you position the weight.  Most of the cars you see the weight's positioned in the back in case when you're coming down a hill it gives you more inertia to kind of push it through the hill so there is some science involved," Gleissner said.

The derby had 3 competitive classes: the scouts, the scouts with parents, and adults.

Trophies were given out to the fastest cars.

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