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Lt. Scott Baxter honored for his efforts

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Responding to an armed robbery isn't a part of Lt. Scott Baxter's daily duties with the Dubuque Police Department. But on December 3rd, 2009 an armed robbery call over the scanner, put Baxter's life on the line.

"Knickers Bar, Knickers Bar there's two guys with guns we're all on the floor, get here now," said a women who called 911.

It's a call Vicki Leonard will never forget.

"The call was very sketchy, the complaint that called in, their voice was very low that day. We just had to respond with very little information to start with," said Leonard.

Leonard sent out a call for an armed robbery at Knickers on Central Avenue in Dubuque. Public information officer Lt. Scott Baxter was nearby and the first respond.

"Things happened so quickly that it ended up being a situation that, at least early on, I had to handle by myself," said Baxter.

Police confirm Baxter confronted two suspects outside the bar, shots were exchanged and Baxter was wounded. That's when dispatch got the second call.

"The safety of everyone involved, that's the high priority at that time. Getting as much help as we can to maintain the security of the area and get everything under control as soon as possible," said Leonard.

Baxter was taken to Finley Hospital. Treated and released the next day. But responding to this call wasn't a part of Baxter's daily duties. As public information officer he spends time speaking to the public. And answer calls from the media. But on this day Baxter says it was his training that helped him through.

"You prepare for it, you train for it, but ultimately when it happens its kind of surreal and you're shocked. Luckily that's what pulled me through that day and like I said the outcome could have been much worse," said Baxter.

It's a heroic act, he says any officer would have done too.

"The people of Dubuque and the state of Iowa, nation wide can really take pride and comfort in knowing there's a lot of people that stand ready to do violence on their behalf to ensure that they can live a quality lifestyle," said Baxter.

But it was Lt. Baxter's actions that day, December 3rd, 2009, that make him a hero among us.

"Obviously you have a new appreciation for life and what's important in life. And for the place you work, the people you work with, the people that support you and back you up on calls," said Baxter.

"It just all comes together and everybody takes care of everybody," said Leonard.

Baxter is also received an award from the Dubuque Red Cross for his heroic efforts on December 3rd.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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