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CA college: Teacher cited Bible


FRESNO, CA (AP) -- A California college says one of its teachers ran afoul of campus regulations prohibiting religious indoctrination "by assigning readings from the Bible, reading the Bible in class, and otherwise relying on the Bible as an authority in the assigned subject matter."

Fresno City College Vice President Christopher Villa reported the findings in a letter to three students who lodged complaints against health sciences instructor Bradley Lopez. The students said Lopez quoted the Bible as proof that human life begins at conception, assigned his class to research the Bible for Jesus' genetic makeup, and discussed apocalyptic Bible prophecies during a lesson on climate change.

Villa said Lopez also violated a campus anti-discrimination policy when he told students that homosexuality is a mental disorder that should be treated with psychotherapy.

Lopez's lawyer, Charles Magill, said only one of the three complaining students was enrolled in Lopez's class and she had misinterpreted his remarks.

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