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Waterloo superintendent talks about FBI investigation


WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Waterloo Superintendent Gary Norris is speaking out, a day after he revealed that he is one of three people being investigated by the FBI. This case is connection with the purchase of electronic white boards for Waterloo schools and while Norris was superintendent in Sarasota Florida.

Gary Norris says he was shocked, to say the least, when he found out that the FBI was asking for records in regards to the purchase of the Promethean ActiviBoards. He says they are a great teaching tool and there was nothing improper done in purchasing them.

"When we began to look at the subpoena it was evident they were targeting Gary Norris, Bob Hanson, Laura Hanson and they were specifically interactions with Promethean Company," said Superintendent Norris.

Bob and Laura Hanson worked with Norris in setting up the promethean boards in Sarasota and Waterloo. Norris says all 800 classrooms in the district have an ActivBoard at a cost of around $3.5 million.

"In Waterloo I had and seen and experienced so much good luck with Promethean that I didn't want to try a different model frankly," said Norris.

When asked about whether or not he received anything from Promethean for buying the boards, Norris said absolutely not.

"I'll state definitively I have no connection with the companies. I haven't received anything and I will say I am 59 years old and if there was a meeting at sometime where I had a hamburger with someone I regret misleading anybody."

Norris says this isn't just shocking, but frustrating.

"Your integrity is the number one thing and when people question your integrity and you don't know... It's bad enough when they question your integrity and you know the reason but let alone when you don't know the reason why, that is very hurtful. I'm a big boy. I've got broad shoulders, but I want this to move quickly and I fear that the federal government doesn't move quickly," said Norris.

Superintendent Norris says he could only speculate on the reason why he is involved in this case. He suggested anything from an angry parent to even a rival company of Promethean who missed out on this big contract.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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