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H1N1 vaccines to get thrown away

WATERLOO (KWWL) - Remember the long lines to get H1N1 flu vaccines?

Now, health departments are having the opposite problem.  Demand for H1N1 shots has dropped so much, thousands of doses might have to be thrown away.

It wasn't that long ago, hospital emergency rooms were overrun.  H1N1 closed schools, and people braved long lines to get vaccinated.

Now, health departments can hardly give the shots away.  When they expire, they'll have to be throw them out.

H1N1 arrived nearly a year ago, with big outbreaks in May and September.  Health Experts stay the threat of another outbreak is real.
When the vaccine first arrived, there were big restrictions on who could get a dose. Now, they're practically begging people to come in.

The Iowa Department of Public Health says they're not sure how much vaccine will be left over.  827,000 Iowans have been vaccinated, that's 65.2% of total doses allocated to Iowa.

The vaccine is free right now. 
The seasonal flu shot next fall will include the H1N1 flu fighters.

Online producer:  Adam Amdor


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