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Buddy Check 7: Advances in Cancer Therapy

by Tara Thomas

WATERLOO (KWWL)-- Advances in breast cancer treatment mean some patients can now get in 5 days what used to take up to seven weeks.

The technology is now available in eastern Iowa. Covenant Cancer Treatment Center in Waterloo just added a new electronic implant therapy system to its treatment arsenal. It's the first one in the state.

"The advantage to this equipment is that it's not a radioactive material so we don't have to build a special room to do it. It's got lower radiation dose to the whole body," said Dr. Cassandra Foens of Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.

The Electronic Brachytherapy System, or EBX, is FDA approved to treat breast cancer.

Foens says women sixty and older with a small cancer are ideal candidates.  Perhaps the biggest plus, it cuts treatment time dramatically.

"For the patient it's twice a day for one week as opposed to 5 or 6 weeks of coming everyday for treatment," said Dr. Foens.

In fact, Foens says some older patients with breast cancer have refused treatment because of the duration. With this new machine, it will be more workable.



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