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U.S. Post moving to cut delivery day


WASHINGTON (KWWL) - The postal service is moving toward eliminating a day of delivery.
That's one result being considered after a $4.8 million study of the overall system.

The postal service is buried under billions of dollars of debt.
Part of the problem: Expenses such as salaries and fuel costs remain high, while income is dropping because Americans are not mailing as many letters as they used to.
You can blame e-mail and online bill-paying for that.

Postmaster General Jack Potter said he will submit a formal request by the end of the month.

"We are rapidly reaching the point of diminishing returns. There is only so much you can cut before you seriously begin to impact service.
"Our revenues simply are not keeping up with the cost of supporting a system designed to serve a much larger volume of mail.
"Technology has made obsolete many aspects of the USPS business model that worked so well for us for so many years."

Potter also said since 2006, mail volume has dropped off 20 percent.

A request to cancel a day of delivery would go to the postal regulatory commission, which would then hold public hearings.

It could be a long process to make this change.  Federal law requires six-day delivery, so it would have to go through congress.

The postal service delivered about 177 billion pieces of mail last year.
Beside canceling a day of delivery, other possible changes could include rate increases and closing post offices.


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